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If you are a server and you realize you've given yourself a bad toss, according to volleyball serve rules you can let the tossed ball drop. Once the ball drops, you can catch the ball. A fter its been dropped , the referee will blow their whistle indicating that the complete service action will begin again and will give you, the server a second opportunity to serve within 5 seconds time .

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If you’ve ever watched volleyball, you have probably noticed that all the players execute the service with their palms. In the FIVB rules, it doesn’t say that players are allowed to do so. They can serve with any part of their hands or arms. So, in reality, they can serve with their elbows or wrists.

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No, you can’t block or spike the serve in volleyball. The rules are very clear and specifically designed to make this impossible. So the rule is that you can’t make the first contact after the service a play where the ball is completely above the height of the net. So unless you can block or spike below the net, you’re out of luck! 13.

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In volleyball, you’re not allowed to block the serve directly. Even for those of you tall enough to do it while standing, you’re not allowed to spike the ball back from above the height of the net, either. That was the standard answer I would give, but it took me some time to appreciate how important the question is.

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Yes and No. No, the international rules for the libero do not allow them to serve. Yes, the libero can serve in one rotation position in college, high school, middle school, and club levels all throughout the USA. After serving in that position, they can only serve in that same position for the rest of the game.

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In volleyball, there are four varieties of serves: a underhand serve, a floater serve, a topspin serve, and a jump serve. Floater, topspin, and jump serves are popular among different players. If you were to block or attack the server, it would be difficult because the ball is struck with great force and it’s hard to return.

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you can set overhead ANY ball in the beach volleyball if you can do it as perfectly as a very good set on a second touch of the team, and there are two errors you need to avoid: 1) commit lift/grab errors 2) touch the ball twice (when it comes TO your hands, and when goes FROM your hands). In real life it is almost impossible to handle the serve as good as a good set — maybe, if you have titanium fingers with hydraulic drive.

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I remember, when watching a volleyball game, I have always wondered can you block or spike a serve in volleyball. I eventually asked my father and his answer was simple. You can’t spike or block a serve. However, players can directly return a serve, for example, if they have made a mistake receiving the ball.