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Can You Carry Tennis Rackets On Airplanes? | All You Need To Know

The official answer is yes. If you’re travelling by plane, the law states that taking a tennis racket with you is fine. In the US, the guidance from the TSA and in the UK from the government website, is that tennis rackets can be taken into the cabin with you, or checked in and placed in the hold with your suitcase.

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The first thing to know is that the TSA allows tennis rackets to be carried on board. The same is true of most equivalent agencies worldwide, including the EU ( see EU policy here ). So it is up to the individual airlines whether they want to allow rackets on board their flights or not.

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Can You Carry Tennis Rackets On Airplanes?

Issues with Carrying Tennis Rackets in Airplanes. As you may notice, most flights’ carry-on regulations do not specifically include tennis rackets. The length of rackets is the most problematic when flying. Most tennis rackets are 27 inches in length, which is longer than the majority of permitted carry-on luggage.

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tennis_tater said: Does anyone know what the current rule is for carrying on a racket on an airplane? Looks like the tennis racket used to be an exception for sporting goods on the prohibited list for the TSA that was in effect in 2012, but that list is no longer posted on the TSA website and tennis racket is no longer listed as either a permitted or prohibited item for carry on.

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Can You Bring Tennis Racket On Plane ? Summary. Most Airlines will allow your tennis racket on both carry on and checked baggage, There are no special instructions or limits. However some small airplanes may not allow taking them with onboard due to the limited space. Shop Our Top Pick Travel Gear On Amazon . Shop tennis rackets; Best carry on backpack

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Under TSA rules, individuals are allowed to carry tennis rackets on board as hand luggage. Equivalent agencies worldwide ( like the EU) also accept tennis rackets as a carry-on items. Therefore, be advised that it is up to the individual airlines whether or not you can carry rackets with you.

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But you should know which types of tennis racket is allowed on airplanes? Are tennis rackets allowed on airplanes? The official answer is yes, the airplanes authority allows you to carry the racket. On USA, Canada, and UK government websites, you can carry the tennis racket into the cabin with you. The authority may also check your racket for a moment. You may also provide an amount of fine to carry the racket in some other countries.

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Tennis Rackets. Carry On Bags: Yes. Checked Bags: Yes. For more prohibited items, please go to the 'What Can I Bring?' page.