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Tennis: Overhead Volleys - Take the ball out of the air to ...

There's very little more exhilarating in tennis than sweetly striking an overhead shot, but it's far from being an easy skill - that's why this week we focus teaching your players how to take the ball out of the air and win the point! Designed for groups large and small, this session teaches sharpness at the net and encourages players to be more aggressive with their footwork by closing down the ball at the net.

Overhead Volley Volley Drills - Tennis Drills, Tennis | Sportplan

Tennis Overhead Volley Volley Drills The coach feeds 20 balls from the basket alternating between an overhead and a put-away volley. The players aim the overheads at the deeper targets and the volleys at the shorter targets, hitting cross-court and closing the net down as they do so. The coach can feed forehand volley

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Tennis Tips: Overhead-Volley Mix | Tennis Drills & Tips ...

Overhead-Volley Mix. When an overhead is not put away, charging the net and volleying can produce a winning tennis shot. Gilad Bloom provides a variety of great tennis tips in this video and demonstrates a drill that works on the overhead-volley combination. Coach: Gilad Bloom. Welcome, visitor!

Tennis: The Volley And Overhead Smash

Closely related to the volley, yet in no way a volley stroke, is the overhead smash. It is the Big Bertha of tennis. It is the long range terror that should always score. The rules of footwork, position, and direction that govern the volley will suffice for the overhead. The swing alone is different.

Tennis Overhead, Volley, Net Play Fails Compilation | A Feel ...

A compilation of tennis overhead, volley, and net-play fails.Second channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6VEl8KDQQDnNf59NFSAPrA?sub_confirmation=1Twit...

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When to Hit High Volley vs Swing Volley vs Overhead | Shot ...

The most common mistake is attempting to hit an overhead instead of a high volley. ... Many recreational players choose the wrong shot when they are at the net.


This video teaches you the swing checkpoints to look for when filming yourself and analyzing your volleys and overhead.

7 Volley Types You Must Know To Master Your Net Game

While the overhead is not really classified as a type of volley by most teaching pros, it should be thought of as one, as the ball is taken directly out of the air in most instances. The one instance where that’s not true is when a player allows the ball to bounce first and then uses the overhead smash stroke to put the ball away.