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Kuroko's Basketball (TV Series 2012–2015) - Parents Guide - IMDb

An adult female character is said to have a "kissing bug," and kisses a high school girl without consent. The high school girl reacts in shock. Played for laughs, but uncomfortable given the age gap. A male character shows another male character a picture of a female character posing naked in a hot spring.

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Kuroko's Basketball (TV Series 2012–2015) - IMDb

Kuroko's Basketball: With Kenshô Ono, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Yuki Ono, Hirofumi Nojima. The Teiko Middle School Basketball Team. The school that produced three perfect seasons in a row, with five once-in-a generation players, called "The Generation of Miracles."

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Kuroko's Basketball Anime Reviews | Anime-Planet

5/10 overall. Follow 0 3 this review is Funny Helpful (15) noah1212 Jun 11, 2012. Kuroko's Basketball focuses on a school that only formed one year prior to when the story takes place. While the team didn't do well, they regarded their first year a personal victory as they weren't expected to do much at all.

Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball) - Reviews ...

Read reviews on the anime Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Teikou Junior High School's basketball team is crowned champion three years in a row thanks to five outstanding players who, with their breathtaking and unique skills, leave opponents in despair and fans in admiration.

Kuroko's Basketball | Anime-Planet

TV (25 eps) Production I.G. 2012. Spring 2012. 4.255 out of 5 from 34,610 votes. Rank #211. Screenshots. They were known as the 'Generation of Miracles' – five basketball prodigies who helped lead Teiko Middle School's basketball team to glory, defeating anyone who got in their way.

Kuroko’s Basketball – Anime Review | Nefarious Reviews

Kuroko’s Basketball amounts to a string of matches with predictable outcomes as it gives too much attention to side characters over the protagonist. Overall Quality – Medium. Recommendation: For shounen sports fans only. Kuroko’s Basketball is as generic as you can imagine for a sports anime in terms of its structure and story. The characters stepped out of every battle anime with a cast of one-note ‘specialists.’

Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball) - MyAnimeList.net

Kuroko is the protagonist here, and he's an unconventional lead for a sports anime. He's terrible at almost every aspect of basketball except passing and stealing. Together, he and Kagami form a exciting duo to watch reminiscent of real-world duos such as Stockton and Malone.

Kuroko's Basketball Reviews - Crunchyroll

Read reviews on Kuroko's Basketball on Crunchyroll. An up-and-coming power player, Taiga Kagami, is just back from America. When he comes to Seirin High School, he meets the super-ordinary boy ...

Kuroko's Basketball 3 - AnimeNana

Kuroko's Basketball 3 (2015) Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older. Genres: Comedy Sports School Shounen. Description: Seirin High School's basketball club has gained the right to go to the semi-finals of the Winter Cup. Seirin has become the topic of conversation after beating Aomine, a member of the Tōō Academy's "miracle generation," and Murasakibara of Yōsen Academy, and the team renews their determination for the semi-finals.