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In cricket, a yorker is a ball bowled which hits the cricket pitch around the batsman's feet. When a batsman assumes a normal stance, this generally means that the cricket ball bounces on the cricket pitch on or near the batsman's popping crease. A batsman who advances down the pitch to strike the ball may by so advancing cause the ball to pitch at or around his feet and may thus cause himself to be "yorked". Yorkers are considered to be one of the most difficult deliveries to bowl for the bowle

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york*er. What Is The Definition Of Yorker In Cricket? 1. A delivery that bounces off the pitch very close to the batsman. This is usually a fast delivery that is intended to pitch right underneath the bat or on the batsman’s toes in the block hole.

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Yorker definition is - a bowled ball in cricket that pitches in or close to the blockhole.

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What is a 'Yorker'? Why is it an unplayable delivery for batsmen?

A yorker is a full-length delivery which is pitched in front of a batsman’s feet by a bowler; not necessarily by a fast bowler. A well-executed yorker is when it is aimed at a player’s shoes, and it bounces at his feet only.

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A Yorker is not full enough to allow the batsman to hit it like a full toss, but also not short enough so that it bounces and the batsman can hit it on the half volley. It is an incredibly dangerous and difficult delivery for batsmen to play, especially when bowled at high pace, and can often sneak under the bat and cannon in to the wickets or their pads.

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In Cricket a Yorker is a ball which hits the pitch around the feet of the batsman. In general to say it pitches around the crease. According to Oxford Dictionary the term was originally originated from Yorkshire, an English county.How ever there are some more like the term has been derived in the 18th or 19th century "to pull Yorkshire" means to deceive a person.

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Cricket in South Asia is a legacy of British colonial rule — “an Indian game accidentally discovered by the British,” as the critic Ashis Nandy once said.