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The 'feeder' also calls the required target for the handball - Short Left or Right (6m), Middle left or Right (8m) and Long Left or Right (10m). scoring: The assessment is based on the ability to get a clean take of the ball at varying heights, quick execution of a handpass with perfect spin and reaching the target at the right height and speed.

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The player should grab their punching fist with their platform hand after hitting the ball. This stops you throwing the ball up and ensures you punch directly to your target and not across your body. Tip: By setting up a simple handball target you can improve your accuracy. Try drawing a circled area on a brick wall (using chalk), starting with a small circle for a bullseye and moving out to larger circles.

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Improve your passing game with the Pop Up Handball Target. Featuring a target design to help players practise and develop their passing and ball co-ordination skills. Suitable for individual or team skill sessions, this durable and lightweight system is the perfect portable training aid. - Suitable for individual or team skill practice.

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Our AFL Passing Target has been designed for beginners and experienced club players to improve their game. Aussie Rules Passing Target helps your passing and hand balling accuracy while at training. Australia's Sports Supplier | P (07) 3482 3337 | Free Shipping for orders $100+

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Versatile AFL Training Equipment . Perfect for handball practice, this piece of AFL training equipment is constructed with 5 separate target holes which are positioned across the 2.4m x 2.4m net. The varied pocket placement allows you to use this practice target throughout a variety of passing drills.

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Top best answers to the question «How to handball a football afl». The ball must be gripped firmly with the platform hand and hit with a clenched fist…. The punching fist is formed by placing the thumb outside, not inside the fingers. The stance is nearly side on to allow the punching arm to swing through freely.


The Handball Targets have adjustable settings, This enables the Height to be altered according to the age of the participant. Specifications: Australian Rules Football Training Aid; The A-Frame adjustable ; Target Mat Dimensions: 1m Height x 1m Width; Full Length Dimensions: apx (H) 160cm x (W) 100cm ; Adjustable Height Settings

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Aug 13, 2010. #11. Don't really wanna pay money to essendon so ill pass on that one. One of the teachers said they ordered one in a while ago but it hasnt come yet and she said that we may get it for this term or we may not. Maybe we'll just ask the school for like $80-$90 to go and buy one. Those fold up ones look alright. thanks guys. Go roos.